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Registration for admission to Primary 1 at Doune Primary School takes place annually in January and full guidance is available at

The 2022/2023 school year starts on 17 August 2022, this is the only date for beginning school education for that year. All children who are five years old on or before 17 August 2022 are of school age and must start their primary school education on 17 August 2022, children who are five years old between 17 August 2022 and 28 February 2023 may start their primary school education on 17 August 2022. If your child is starting their primary school education in August 2022, or if you are choosing to defer their entry into primary school to August 2023, you must enrol him/her at their catchment school by 28 January 2022. Details of school catchment areas and further information on our enrolment procedures can be found by visiting our website or by contacting Stirling Council on 01786 233185. Should you wish your child to attend a primary school other than their catchment school you are still required to enrol them in the catchment school and submit a placing request for the school of your choice. We have now moved to online enrolments and request that you complete the online enrolment form which can be found on our website As part of the enrolment process we are required to check the residency of all parents wishing to enrol their child at their catchment school, you will be required to scan and upload a copy of your child’s birth certificate, and two of the following - child benefit book/award letter, tax credit/universal credit award letter, two recent household utility bills or a recent council tax bill. Admissions throughout the school year for those resident within the catchment area of the school should use the following e-form:

Those not resident in the catchment area should make a placing request using the e-form below: