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Teith House

Teith House takes it's name from the River Teith.

The Teith is formed from the confluence of two smaller rivers: one from Loch Venachar, the Eas Gobhain which translates as "the smith's cascade", and one from Loch Lubnaig - Garbh Uisge which translates as "the rough water". The river flows through Callander and is joined by the Keltie Water 1 mile (1.6 km) south of Keltie Bridge. The Teith continues to Deanston and Doune where the Ardoch Burn meets it, before its confluence with the (smaller) Forth upstream of Stirling.

The 'Brig o' Teith' was constructed in 1535 by Robert Spittal, a Royal tailor to Mary Queen of Scots. According to Charles Roger in 'A Week at Bridge of Allan 1851', a ferryman refused Spittal passage across the Teith as he did not have his purse and could not pay. The bridge was built in retaliation.